Friday, March 11, 2011

'cause sometimes, he wants his mama

Carter adores Daddy. He follows him, watches him, copies EVERYTHING daddy does. I'd say 8 times out of 10, Carter will choose daddy when we give him the choice between the two of us. I'm fine with it. I get him all day everyday to myself and I think it is pretty darn cute to watch Chris and his little mini me no matter what they are doing together.

But sometimes... he just wants his mama and it makes my heart melt!

Night 1:
Shortly after getting back from Ghana, I was taking Carter to bed and said something like, "I wish you could just sleep with mama" (Side note: Carter does NOT like to sleep in our bed. Never has. The only time he might is if he is really sick and then, we don't get any sleep because he plays a game of Twister throughout the night.) I was still jet-lagged and was happy to go to bed with him at 8pm. Usually, he wouldn't have understood me completely, but now he is talking up a storm and understands everything so.. he started pointing to my room and saying "CaCa Night,night". I decided to give it a shot.

We hopped into our bed and my little grown-up got himself all situated, pulled the covers up, put his head on his pillow and settled in. We then had a little slumber party full of whispering and giggling (he whispered, I giggled at how cute he was and the fact that I had no idea what he was saying). We drifted off and about 2 hours later, I woke and took him to his crib. It was the best 2 hour slumber party I've ever had.

Night 2:
The next night he started right in at bed time, pointing to our room saying "CaCa Night-Night." Nope. No can do buddy. We don't want to make a habit of this and have a kindergardener sleeping with us.

Night 3:
Chris was supposed to put Carter to bed but they somehow both ended up in our bed. Carter kept saying "night-night" and pointing to our bedroom door so, we finally put him in his own bed so we could get some sleep. I thought it was odd that he wanted to be with us, but then wouldn't go to sleep. Upon bringing it up to Chris the truth came out.. Chris had initiated the whole thing. He wanted to cuddle with Carter the way I had gotten to a couple nights before. Too cute.

After his bath I was putting on his PJs when he started saying "CaCa, Mama, Baby, Ah ha, Night-Night". (Side note: Baby is his brown baby doll that is supposed to prepare him for any siblings :) and Ah ha is his monkey - imagine the sound a monkey makes, this is what Carter calls his Monkey). So, he wanted all of us to sleep in mama's bed again. I asked if Daddy could sleep with us and he just repeated more loudly "CaCa, Mama, Baby, Ah ha, Night-Night".

I couldn't keep from laughing and called Chris into the room. Carter filled him in so he had to ask "Bud, where should daddy sleep?" Carter thought about it for all of about 2 seconds and pointed to what we call the "big boy room" which has 2 twin beds.

We got a good laugh out of the whole thing. Apparently, his ideal situation is Mama, Carter, Baby and Monkey all tucked-in to our queen size bed. He doesn't care too much where daddy sleeps as long as he is not crowding us in the bed.

He adores his daddy, but it feels good to know that sometimes he just wants his mama.

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One of those baby book entries under "sweet moments".