Sunday, March 13, 2011

He's a big boy now

**Sorry the video is so dark. The electricity was out so, we had to go in with a flashlight and open the blinds.

Following Carter's interest in sleeping in mommy's bed lately, we offered him the chance to sleep in the "big boy" room in his very own big boy bed at nap time today. He liked the idea and after 20 minutes of getting the bed rails into place, he snuggled right in and fell asleep.

We made a really big deal out of his being a big boy in hopes that he will continue sleeping in the big boy room. The plan has always been for Carter to move to this room when he is done with the crib so, we decided it is best to move him to his permanent room before the big change in our house. He'll have a lot of adjusting to do so, getting this adjustment out of the way now should help a little.


kellieroberts said...

what a big boy! yay carter!

Tracey Buxton said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like he really LIKES his big boy bed!
Gramma Cupcake

GG said...

For goodness sakes. The video brought tears. It seems just yesterday that he was a "toddler". He's become a little boy waaaaaaaaaay too soon.