Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Teased Up

Coen had his first American haircut this past week. I'll be honest, his hair has had me a bit freaked out. Even before he came home, I was online in different forums asking about hair products and routines. I settled with Carol's Daughter and have been conditioning his hair after every bath. When he first came home, I was combing out his hair every night as well. Then, as it grew, this became impossible. His hair has the tightest little spiral curls and he has my sensitive head. I vividly remember the pain and the screaming when my poor mother would brush my hair. So... I just didn't. brush it.

Fast forward and we decide it is time to get it trimmed up a bit. I looked online for a salon/barber shop that specialized in African hair and decided on All Teased Up in North Portland (or No.Po. as we call it). We spoke with the female barber who told us that we needed to comb out his hair before it could be cut so, after about 20 minutes of crying, we were off. As we stepped inside, I knew we had found just the right place. It was a tiny little shop full of African American women doing hair and getting their hair done. The one exception was our barber who was a thin white gal with blue hair.

There was a small sign that said something to the effect of "No waiting inside. Come when it is time for your appointment 'cause this place is too small" and another sign with some rules about children not being allowed and if they had to be there, they needed to be watched and well-behaved. Apparently my children's charm was no match for this place. All the ladies were gushing over them and pulling up chairs for us to sit down. One even brought over a laptop for Carter to play a kid's game while we waited.

When it was Coen's turn, he sat on Daddy's lap with his little cape on. She buzzed the top with a 2 and the sides with a 1 and he did VERY well until the last 2 minutes or so. Now that we've seen him "cleaned up" I think we'll definitely be keeping it short for a while. He just looks so handsome! Sorry to not post an "after". I'll get one on here soon.

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A Cottage Industry said...

Aaaah, he just looks so darned serious and sweet siting there!
Gramma Cupcake