Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The view from my bed

My poor, sweet little guy has caught something nasty. He was fine all day, went to bed and 2 hours later we heard a scream followed by crying and "Mommy! I made a mess!"

I cleaned up the bed while Chris cleaned up Carter. I love having an awesome husband! When I had gotten everything into the washer I went back to Carter. His cheeks were red and he felt hot, but he smiled and said he felt fine.

I broke the news to him that tonight he would have to sleep without his pillow (which I just washed today), his blanket, and his Monkey because mommy needed to wash them. I prepared for the fussing or crying, but instead got, "thank you, Mommy."

Really?! How many 2 year olds thank their mommy for cleaning up puke?

I then told him that we needed him to sleep in the other bed in his room (no more sheets) and he was a champ "ok, mommy." We tucked him in and got ready for bed. About 20 minutes later, we repeated the entire thing.

So, now he is on the floor next to my side of the bed, happy as can be in his cool sleeping-bag-like-situation. I hope he can get some rest now. Poor guy.

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GG said...

Oh my poor Mr. C. Guess we'll have to find that "special" bucket, eh? Hope he's doing much better this AM.