Thursday, November 10, 2011

Save it for the dinner table

Growing up, my brother, sister and I tended to save our inappropriate-for-all-occassions-talk for the dinner table (at least that is what Grandma always tells us). If you don't want to hear more about Coen going potty, you can stop reading now.

For the rest of you sickos :)

Coen is really kicking butt on this potty thing. I'm not pushing it, I just ask when he gets up if he needs to potty and if he says "Da" which is his version of "ya", I sit him on the toilet. No little potty for this guy. No potty seat either. He just holds himself up on the toilet with his bottom hanging in there. I've tried to get him to use the potty seat, but it really freaks him out. Immediate tears.

Multiple times now, we've been running errands and he has told me he needed to potty so, we head to the bathroom and ta da! He goes! He holds it until I have him on the potty and he goes. I'm not sure why I am so blown away by this. According to my mom, my sister and I were potty trained by 22 months, but it was so far off the radar this time last year with Carter that I am just BLOWN AWAY by this little man. It is weird to me to see someone to tiny be so verbal and so "big boy" as to go on the potty.

Ok. Just had to get it out there for record-keeping.

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A Cottage Industry said...

I am not even surprised. he wants to do EVERYTHING his big brother does!!!
Gramma Cupcake