Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun with Auntie

A boring shopping trip to Target can easily turn into an hour or so of fun if Auntie Lindsey is with us.

Example: see below photo of Carter trying on a Christmas headband from the dollar section.


GG said...

Hey ladies. I'm a guy and I bet I'll not be shopping with you two once I get a little older. Carter must have been the source of intertainment for you two that day.

Gramma Cupcake said...

Carter is so lucky to have such a fun auntie!!!
Gramma Cupcake

Annie said...

I am Stacey's mom, who you are buying the house from. I just wanted to say what a darling family you are and how happy I am for you. You will love your new home, no doubt, and the wonderful neighbors and neighborhood. I'm sure I'll run into you as we visit the "old neighborhood" many times in the future. Best wishes.