Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where their story ends, ours begins

So, we feel in love with our dream home recently and are so excited to move - yes, you know all of this already. You know this so well, that one of you even noticed pictures of our new home on someone else's blog! The thing is, it is THEIR home right now. How neat is it that they too have a blog?!

They've lived in our dream home for 10 years and have really made it a home. We can't wait to celebrate our first of what promises to be many tradition filled Christmases in our new home.

Their blog


LINDSEY said...

Congrats on your new home!! You just bought my sister's house and I am sooo happy it is going to a family who is so thrilled about it. You will just LOVE the neighborhood, they do the best Halloween and Christmas displays and they have this awesome garage sale celebration. Congratulations!!

Stacey said...

Imagine my surprise to find a comment from you! How easily it is to get connected in this high tech world! I am happy to hear of your excitement! I can tell I'm going to have a hard time packing up and leaving this home that has been all my children have known. I came in from a run the other morning, seeing all the red trees dropping leaves on our street and sat on the porch and cried! Sounds crazy I know. I LOVE this neighborhood. It's like Mayberry. They have an Easter egg hunt in the park, ice cream social in summer and we have biked more miles through these streets than any family I know!! We've had so many great memories in this home and now it's your turn :>