Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had such a great day. Cousin CK offered to babysit so we took her up on the offer and hit the matinee of Valentine's Day (you know, the movie that has EVER actor in Hollywood) at Cinetopia. We love love love Cinetopia! It's like sitting in a living room with your own waiter while you watch a movie.

Then, it was off to an appliance store!!! We've been talking about replacing the dishwasher since before we moved in. If you've been in our house while it was running, you know why. It is the loudest dishwasher known to man. That, and the layout only allows me to wash about 6 dishes at a time.

Well, if you give a mouse a cookie...

So, the discussion began.. black or stainless? If we go stainless, we might need to replace the other appliances since they are all black. Well, we do hate the microwave too. Sometimes you have to use two hands to yank it open! And the fridge - the icemaker hasn't worked since we moved in and the other day we heard water leaking somewhere in the back..

I AM working now so... maybe we could just... OK! Let's get all new appliances!

Introducing our new appliances to be delivered on Thursday!

Did you know that they make microwaves that covert to real convection ovens? Yep! We got one. So, now we'll have 2 ovens for holidays!

Who knew that buying appliances was like buying a car? Seriously. It took forever and we had to negotiate them down $1,000. You start out liking the salesman and by the time you leave, you feel like he was out to get you for all you were worth and THANK GOODNESS you thought to question his original prices 'cause it saved you a ton!


GG said...

What a fun Valentine's Day. Don't think they have anything like that even near us.
Love your new appliances. Does this mean you'll be in the kitchen more? Hmmmmmmmm.

Gramma Cupcake said...

So nice of CK to spend time with Little Man so you could have a day to yourselves!!!! I can't wait to see all the new appliances installed!
Gramma Cupcake