Friday, February 12, 2010

The sick child room

Carter is doing better, but still has a runny nose. We went to the doctor's twice last week just to make sure his ears were OK (any time you call the nurse they think it is their ears and it's always "we'd better have him come in"). The waiting room has this great train set that all the kids play with. For the most part they share and Carter really just likes to watch the bigger kids play with the trains.

On the other side of room, in complete isolation is the.... sick child waiting room. We've always prided ourselves that we had never had to go into that sad little room. We've been stripped of that pride.

We got to wait in that room, all alone, twice last week. Carter really liked it. He had his very own train set to play with and it was almost like the other kids were envious. Check out this kid who just stood their watching Carter play. You can't see his little sister, but she was there looking in as well. My poor sweet baby had no clue he was being segregated.

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GG said...

Mr C doesn't look as though he even notices that there are no other kids in the room with him. Just cannot believe he's a toddler already. Holy cow, next thing will be him going to school. That's when I'll really lose it!