Friday, February 19, 2010

They're heeeerrreeee!

I am so in love with my new appliances that I'm considering learning how to cook!

Well, maybe not THAT in love, but I did very much enjoy running the quietest dishwasher ever this afternoon and cannot get over how much more room I feel like I have with the fridge due to its great layout.

I also used the convection oven option of the microwave today to heat a quesadilla. For some reason, as I reached in to take it out, I was anticipating a soggy tortilla like the microwave normally puts out, but it really was just like I had put it in the oven - just MUCH faster and without the extra heat in the kitchen.

Carter really likes them as well since the dishwasher has cool red lights on it and buttons he can push (oops! Didn't think about that).

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GG said...

What a wonderful difference. Hmmmm, Mr C with buttons to push. What the heck, he's been pushing all kinds of buttons for some time now. Wish I could see him more.