Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a difference a day makes

I had such a great birthday this year and Carter didn't do too badly himself! You see, my morning started with Mom and Lindsey coming over with breakfast and then we got right to it.... we painted the playroom!

I liked the color before just fine, but it had been through 4 kids before Carter inherited it so, some touch-up was needed. I happened to have a gallon of this blue in the garage so, blue it was! I cannot believe how much lighter the room feels. A fresh coat of paint just really gives it a clean, new feel.

We couldn't stop there so, it was off to the salvage yard to find some shutters for the window and molding for the chalkboard. Through it all, Carter was the perfect little shopper. Grandma Cupcake also had the perfect kid's desk/table (OK, it's really a coffee table) that she donated to the room. So, here is a sneak peek of the room. I can't show it all as we need Daddy to hang our amazing shelf from Camas Antiques and the chalkboard molding. I can't wait for the finished product!!!

The day was capped off with what I thought would be dinner with my sweet husband. When we got to the restaurant however, I was greeted by 9 other friends! I had such a great time. Thank you all for the fun surprise and thank you Grandma J for spending the night with Little Man!

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GG said...

The play room is really looking good.
Hey, aren't grandmas great?