Sunday, September 11, 2011

A broken record

I know. You're getting sick of hearing that I'm shocked at how well things are going, but I AM!

Today we took Coen to church for the first time. One of the aspects we love about our church is that they have a program for the children according to their age. So, instead of having to make sure our kids sit still through the service, we can actually enjoy it and they can learn about Jesus in a way that make sense to them (songs and coloring). We were sure that Coen wouldn't let us leave him in his Sunday school class today so we were shocked (again) when he went right in after a minute of hanging on my leg. We never got called in during the service and when I picked him up I was told that he did great and only got sleep at the end and wanted to be cuddled. Cuddled. By strangers.

I might be worried about that being a sign of attachment issues in some way, but he is soooooo certain of who mommy and daddy are and already that I'm just thrilled that he is opening up to others. He played for quite some time today with Auntie Kellie who got her fair share of hugs and Auntie Lindsey got hers yesterday. I used to say that the best we could hope for would be that he would attached to either Chris or I since every time I saw him this past year he would FREAK OUT if anyone tried to hold him other than his foster mom. This has far exceeded my expectations. He has attached to Chris AND me just as Carter has. He knows we are mommy and daddy and definitely favors us, but he is realizing who our other family members are and opening up to them as well!

Sleeping has gone amazing too - in my opinion. I was prepared for sleepless nights as they say to figure that bringing home your toddler will be like bringing home and infant and that for every month home, you should treat it as if you child is that many months old. Going by this, we should have a child waking up every few hours. We don't :) The first night home, he slept with us. The second night, he started in his crib and came to our bed when he woke up crying. The third night he fought the crib HARD, be once he feel asleep with daddy rubbing his back, he was out for 12 hours. Same last night, but daddy didn't have to rub his back as long. Tonight, I put him in the crib and didn't touch him. I just stood by his crib and he rolled over a few minutes later. I don't know that he was asleep, but he didn't cause a fuss when I left.


I can't begin to describe the joy this little guy has already brought us. Our house is a bring messy scream-fest with a one and two year old. As hard as the mess is to get used to, it is so fun to see these two laughing and running and screaming together. I can't believe I was worried about bringing two "only children" together. They were meant to be brothers and it is ADORABLE to see how much they enjoy each other.


Kellie Roberts said...

I had so much fun hanging with the two little C's and you all! Thank you for a fun evening and great dinner! love ya

GG said...

Mr Coen knows he's safe and sooooooooo loved in his new home. Little children just seem to have that instinct. One happy family of four! Yeah.

Grandma J said...

It may be a broken record but we will never get tired of hearing it!

Jeannette said...

I so agree with Grandma J!! It is music to my ears to hear how well things are going Heather. I can't wait to come up and play!