Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time bomb

I have to write quickly as the boys are both asleep (Whoooo hooo!) and I never know exactly how much time I have before one of them wakes up. It really is like a little time bomb at our house everyday. I'm notified when the fuse has been lit by a small cry or a "mom?" and I have a mere seconds to make it upstairs before that little bomb goes off and wakes up the other one :)

Anyway... things are still going great.

Coen still wants to do everything that Carter does. Even if Carter is sent to time out, Coen wants to go sit by him. It is adorable. I even thought it was cute when I ran upstairs and they both yelled "mom" together repeatedly like it was a game to be able to yell the same word at the same time. It cracked them up! Carter still calls him Kiki, but Coen responds to it so I guess he doesn't mind.

Coen's verbal skills are so far beyond where Carter was at this age that it blows us away everyday. He can repeat anything you say - if HE wants to. He loves to say "I see you!" when he hides and peeks out at you. He also says "coming" when he and I are headed to see Carter after a diaper change or nap or something. The craziest is when we are all just playing or hanging out and someone says something and Coen just copies whatever was just said, as if he is trying it out to see if he likes saying it.

They nap at the same time-ish!! I usually let Carter watch one TV show (Coen doesn't care for TV so, it's a treat for Carter that Coen doesn't miss) and put Coen down. When Carter's show is over, he heads to bed and I get an hour to 2 1/2 hours of me time.

The noise level at our home has gone from zero to 1000. No biting incidents in about a week.

Coen did have a brutal cough the first week so we went to Dr. V. You know your child is from a 3rd world country when you are thrilled that it is probably just bronchitis. He was tested for everything and was such a good boy for each test and chest x-ray. He completed his antibiotics and now we just have to wait to see how his cough is by Monday. If it hasn't improved, we'll move on to medications for asthma. We are assuming he has had this cough since before July since he had it when we saw him in July. We gave money for him to go to the doctor and were told he went and was given medicine and was fine. Not sure if that really happened or if the medical attention just wasn't any good.. at any rate, the chronic coughing has done some damage to his lungs which requires time to heal so, hopefully his cough continues to lessen as his lungs recover.

I'll post some more photos soon. For now, I have a bathroom to clean before one of the bombs goes off :)


GG said...

My goodness sake. I can only hear joy in your tone. Guess'n your lov'n it. Rah, rah! Little guys usually take to one another and obviously your two are in sync. Sounds like one happy family. Love hearing about all of it.

Kosel Family said...

Glad to hear it is still going well. Avoiding dairy for some time does wonders on clearning up upper respatory symptoms. Glad you get a couple hours of a break!! I miss days when all the kids were napping :)