Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little more than a video

These boys have been running around like crazy men the past couple of days! It has been nothing short of a miracle how well Coen has adjusted to our family so far. I'm not naive. I realize that at any moment something could trigger some sort of hysteria and there is no way that we will forever escape the issues that come along with adoptions, but for now, he is a very happy, cuddly baby. What's more is that Carter is loving it too!

I had anticipated some serious jealousy and it may still come at some point, but so far, he adores Coen. No regression, no sleep issues, same ol' Carter. Coen already looks up to him and wants to do EVERYTHING Carter does. Honestly, he mimics just about everything out of Carter's mouth. Carter put a buck on his head? Well Coen is right behind him with his own bucket. We did have 4 biting incidents (we knew Coen had this tendency), but he hasn't done it in over 24 hours now and when he does do it, it seems like a basic instinct for him and nothing too malicious. He doesn't seem to do it out of anger, just out of "hey I need that toy and you won't give it to me, maybe if I bit you..."

Coen has also been fine in his car seat. I NEVER would have seen that coming! He did cry about 10 minutes into our drive from the airport, but he promptly stopped when Carter started. Carter, being the sensitive one that he is, burst into tears seeing Coen cry. This confused Coen so, he stopped ;) He's been fine getting is his seat ever since.

No eating issues either unless you count his eating anything/everything an issue, and it might be. He eats about twice what Carter eats. At first, he would stuff his face and then try to scream for more with his mouth full. We've since gotten him to calm down to where we trust him with a plate of food in front of himself and we allow him to feed himself. He always eats every last bite so I'm careful on portions, but he has even gotten good about finishing his snack and instead of reaching for Carter's bowl, he'll bring his bowl over to me and ask for more. It gets better day by day. I might drop dead from shock the first time he turns down an offer of food.

He also loves bath time now. In Ghana we couldn't get him to sit down and he would just scream as we quickly washed him. With brother Carter, bath time is a favorite and he doesn't mind me washing his hair, cleaning his ears or brushing him teeth (which clearly is a new thing for him).

Not much else to say. I'm just over the moon in love with my boys and cannot believe how blessed we are.


GG said...

Must be all that lovin' Coen is getting from the three of you. Oh my, God is really good.

Grandma J said...

You said it Heather. Nothing short of a miracle!! Praise God! Yes Lou, really, really good!