Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Buxtons' Visit

The Roberts are officially burnt out. We have partied hard for over a week, first with GG and then with the Buxtons. We had sooo much fun that I'm not sure how we are going to go back to normal tomorrow. Here are some highlights:

This is about as quiet as it got at our house while Isabelle and Bronson were here with our boys. They LOVED playing hide-n-seek with Daddy. Notice their adorable PJs that Auntie Lindsey got them!

The professional photographer that I am - I have NO idea how I captured this, but this is pretty much how it felt around here. One sitting still, everyone one else running or running after a child.
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A couple of nights we had 8 adults for dinner so that meant 2 in highchairs (one borrowed from a friend) and 2 in time out - I mean, 2 sitting at a table using the time-out chair.
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Bronson (16 months ), Isabelle (33 months ), Coen (21 months), Carter (34 months )

Yep, this pretty much captures it. Miss Isabelle always the lady and my crazy little man. These two were hilarious together! They held hands CONSTANTLY, even walking from the dining room to the playroom, and Isabelle was full of sweet little hugs and kisses for her favorite cousin.
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Can you get enough of this little man? Me neither! Now if only he would sit still long enough to let me hug on him, I'd be one happy Auntie!
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More to come...


GG said...

Looking at the pics I could almost hear their giggles! Oh my, so much fun. God has really blessed us with such a wonderful family.

GG said...

Had to come back for another viewing. Guess Coen's little ears had had enough. Sweet little Bronson looks as though he's looking for peace and quiet. Too much loving fun going on there.

The Buxtons said...

That picture did capture exactly how it was around there. Crazy, but so much fun. We had a wonderful trip. Thank you for everything!!