Monday, October 3, 2011

Mama has your back

You adore your pillow and blanket that match the crib bedding. You adore them so much that you took them with you to your big boy room and sleep with both every nap and every night. I couldn't bare taking them away to leave with the crib for Coen so, I came up with something else for him to use and he is perfectly happy.

Needless to say, your pillow has been washed quite a few times now. The problem is, it doesn't have a pillowcase, it is a handmade pillow with stuffing in it. Over time, it has started to smell.... nasty. You don't care, you'd sleep with it if it were covered in mud. But, it DOES stink regardless of how many times I wash it.

Daddy wanted to throw it away when you weren't looking. He wasn't being mean. He is concerned about the smell and just thought it would make it easier for you to accept it being gone, but Mama has your back, Little Man. I too was a special pillow owner. I loved that thing until there was almost nothing left. As they do, it needed repair from time to time and my mama had my back.

So today, we "operated" on your pillow. You and Mommy. We opened the stitching, washed the fabric, inserted new stuffing, and stitched it back up. Seeing how happy you were when you said "I love it! It's good!" made all the time worth it.


A Cottage Industry said...

This brought tears to my eyes....and I can't wait to show Carter YOUR special pillow later this week, coz I just discovered it while going through some rubbermade tubs!!
Gramma Cupcake

GG said...

Isn't it wonderful that you can still feel/remember the comfort that special pillow gave you. Do you also remember that you decided you didn't need it to spend the night with Grandma but quickly changed your mind when bedtime came. Of course we went and got the special pillow and all was well with world for you.