Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

What a fun Halloween! Carter is finally old enough to really get it and he had a blast! He choose his costume, Elmo, of course and, insisted that Coen needed to be Cookie Monster. I LOVED these costumes. We had no problem keeping the boys warm and people were continually passing by telling them how cute they were. They loved their costumes too! We had no problem getting them to put them on.

Last minute, we were joined by the Woodruff's and our little buddy "Baby Henry". They boys were so cute together. Carter held on to Henry in the wagon and Henry even crawled to the door of a few of the houses.

Some highlights:

The Famous Child: After saying "Trick or treat" and getting his candy, the lady says to me as she points to Carter "he looks so familiar! Is he on a blog?". I told her that we have a family blog, but no, that wasn't it... Then I suggested A Cottage Industry, my mom's blog and the light bulb turned on. "Yes! That's him! Honey, I know this child from a blog!"

Welcome!: The very first home we went to, the lady opens the door and warmly says "Hello Sweetheart!" and Coen took that as an invitation to head in and watch TV. Chris had to go all the way in and get him from sitting on the ground in front of it. He got better with each house, but we still had to pull him back from going in to some houses a few times.

My brother's coming: Carter was moving faster than Coen so he ran ahead to the door. After getting his candy, he informed the man, "My brother is coming" as the guys was closing the door. What a sweetheart to look after his brother!

Prince Coen: Chris and Coen called it quits before Carter and I. When we got home, Chris called me over "Look at Prince Coen!" He was laying down with his head on Chris' lap as Chris put the sucker to his tongue for him to like. What a rough life!


Grandma Loop said...

Those boys are priceless. The costumes are great. I enjoy your blog so very much. Love Grandma Loop

Grandma J said...

Are you even KIDDING ME??? You guys could not be ANY CUTER!!!! I can't believe how adorable those pictures are. Wish I could have opened my door to those little trick or treaters. Love you.

GG said...

Sooooooooo dang cute. Wonder if they'll want to wear their costumes today. Is that Candy Corn still in hiding on the bookshelf?

Lindsey said...