Friday, October 28, 2011


Coen had his first well-baby appointment today and he did pretty well. The last time we were there to take a look at his cough, we ending up running all sorts of tests and X-rays so, he was pretty clingy with me with Dr. V. came in. The doctor was fine with it, of course, and pointed out that it was very good to see him attached to me so quickly.

Overall, he is doing great. On our last visit he was 31.5 inches and weighed 22 lbs. Yesterday, just 6 weeks later - 33 inches and 24.3 lbs. That's an inch and a half in 6 weeks! I had heard that international adoptees experienced such growth, but I didn't think we would see it with Coen as he seemed to be so healthy and "well fed" (as far as the amount of food goes), but Dr. V. pointed that out and added that the boost in emotional support also has an impact on their growth. He also said that he has never seen a growth spurt so drastic in a child Coen's age. I think his words were "that is impressive." He jumped from the 20% for height up to the 40%. We thought he was small, but it turns out, he really is small (relatively speaking). The lowest percentile that Carter EVER was for height was 75% and he usually was like 90%. At some point he should level out and then follow the curve for height and weight.

He also received 3 vaccinations and we'll be going back almost monthly to get him caught up on everything else. We also had blood drawn to be tested for a few things that are concerns for children coming from Ghana. We'll have the results in the next few days and can address anything that needs to be addressed.


GG said...

Good for Coen. Didn't see him refuse any food while I was there and that's a GOOD thing. Bless his little loving heart. Aren't we blessed to have him finally here?

A Cottage Industry said...

You've confused me completely with the line, "We thought he was small, but it turns out, he really is small (relatively speaking)."
He seems to be the perfect size to me!
Gramma Cupcake