Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer fun

We've been taking full advantage of the weather being nice the past few days. I think I'm actually starting to get used to summer not starting until the 2nd week of July here in the northwest. Today we started out with a special trip to Dots Donuts! The boys knew right away which one they one. Carter chose a wild cherry donut while Coen chose the orange one right next to it. I thought for sure they would have a harder time - I did!
Then we were off to pick berries. We thought they had raspberries, but were pleasantly surprised to get to pick marion berries today!!

The other day we joined Auntie Lindsey and GG at GG's neighborhood pool. Kids are allowed for 2 hours each morning, but the boys only stayed in the water about 1/2 hour. Coen really enjoyed it. Carter did as well, but just like his mama did when she was his age, he sat on the steps of the pool in his life jacket. Once Coen started jumping in from the side of the pool, Carter joined in, but would insist that I got closer and closer to him to catch him until I was right under him. Once I caught him, I had to take him right back to the steps.


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A Cottage Industry said...

LOVE the picture of Coen using Auntie's tummy for a pillow!
Gramma Cupcake