Friday, July 13, 2012

Chore chart

I told Carter I was thinking of making a chore chart for him. He got so excited! He insisted we had to do it NOW! We sat together and came up with his chores: 1) staying in bed or his room until his light turns on (on a timer) 2)eating ALL of his breakfast 3) keeping the playroom clean 4)taking a nap without a fight 5)eating ALL his dinner 6)going to bed without a fight 7) mommy has the power to add chores as needed

He gets a toy $1 for each chore he does well and we came up with a list of prizes he can cash them in for. One is a movie date with mommy, another is getting to watch a tv show (he has gotten a little addicted to Blue's Clues so this will hopefully help him choose real play over spending his hard earned money on tv). He can also choose to buy a new book.

I love how excited he is to do his chores! Maybe we'll get him to gain a little weight :)

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The Buxtons said...

That is a great idea!! I have been wanting to start a good behavior sticker chart.