Monday, March 26, 2012

9 1/2 weeks

Waiting for the 9 1/2 weeks appointment was brutal. Having lost our last 2 at 10 weeks, I was a nervous wreck. Peggy is awesome and said I could come it at any time just to hear the heartbeat, but I contain myself and waiting the couple of weeks. It was such a relief for Chris and I to hear a strong heartbeat and see how much our baby had grown!

From there, I had a normal 10 week appointment and Peggy checked me out the day before our Cabo trip just to ease my nerves I'm sure. Our last appointment was at 14 weeks and everything still looked great. Peggy was all set to give me an appointment just a couple weeks later, but I told her that I think I can get on a "normal" schedule now - most women only see their doctor once in the first 12 weeks and then again at like 20 weeks. She has been so amazing with Chris and I. She has gone above and beyond to make this as stress-free a pregnancy as possible and we so appreciate her for it!

It has been so funny to hear people's responses when they find out we're pregnant. Some of the most memorable:

"Well, I noticed your butt was getting bigger" - umm, thanks Grandma. Love you too.

"I didn't know that could happen!" - Apparently some people thought that our adoption was a last-ditch-effort type of thing. Nope. This was our plan - so happy God agreed with it.

"You two need a TV in your room!" - Apparently other people people didn't realized that we HAD adopted. Of course we explained that we didn't "make" Coen, that he is from Ghana and then we had to hear about all the African Americans this person knew (It's funny that people feel the need to share this when they know you have an African child, it seems to be a nervous reaction for many to show just HOW OK they are with our adoption)

Can't wait to find out if we have broken the mold or if we are just meant to raise boys!

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A Cottage Industry said...

Boy OR girl, It makes no never-mind to me! I just can't wait to hold that new baby!
Gramma Cupcake