Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on the boys

It occurred to me that I haven't done a great job lately of documenting what our boys are like right now. I mean, I post a photo here or there, but their little personalities are so uniquely them right now, I just want to capture them to be able to reflect on later.


He is our sweetheart.

He is sensitive (underlined ten times). All it takes to get him to stop dead in his tracks is raising your voice. It breaks him into a million pieces to think mommy or daddy (or anyone) is upset with him and tears will immediately well up in his eyes.

He asks permission for just about anything which is adorable. He asks, "Mommy, may I have a snack?" I love that he says "may"

He thanks me for his meals. How many 3 year olds do this? "Thank you for my breakfast, mommy. You make a good breakfast." (Can you tell he has an amazing daddy as a role model?)

He hears everything and processes everything. He heard me saying "Carter won't touch anything green" to which he piped in "mommy, I'm touching my peas!"

He is the cleanest child you will ever meet. He cannot stand to get anything on his hands, spills drive him nuts, he is clean, clean, clean. Unless he is working with dad in his "work clothes" where it is understood that there will be some dirt involved. Then, he's all boy.

He does have his breakdowns every now and then when he must be sent to his room, but once he gets his crying out, he joins us and apologizes without being asked.


Our strong-willed child.

Over the past 2 months:
Coen has been exerting his will more and more. Tell him no and you will likely get a nasty look and some grumblings or a knee slap which I equate to giving "the bird". He throws tantrums about 4-5 times a week full of screaming and hands waving and feet stomping. Yes, in public sometimes.

It takes him about an hour to go to sleep at nap or bed time. Some times he cries, some times just sings/talks.

He adores Carter. He could not care less who he is left with as long as Carter is with him.

The past week or so:
It has only been the past week or so that he seems to be seeing the light - "nobody happy if mama ain't happy so, let's chill on the will a bit". We've lost the offensive gesture and usually get a pitiful look instead of a nasty one followed by crying instead of backtalk if he doesn't get his way. I've learned to ignore the tantrum completely which REALLY makes him mad. I only had to do it twice (about 10 minutes each time of the worst screaming I've ever heard) for him to realize that nothing will come of his tantrums so now, they are very short-lived - maybe a minute long.

Overall, he is a happier little guy - smiling and giggling constantly. I think exerting his will was as tiring for him as it was for me and he is happy to not have to work so hard.

Going to bed easily, often asleep within 10 minutes or so, but always quiet.

He still adores Carter and is constantly copying him. Today he added "always" to his vocabulary only because he heard Carter say it.

He talks constantly and we have our own little conversations. He is at about the level that Carter was at when he was 6 months older. It's crazy.

He is terrified of all animals - scream and claw at you until he is up high out of harms way type of terrified.

He is the messiest child. Seriously. That said, he has improved 150% in the past 6 months. He knows to use his fork and not his fingers and does most of the time and will ask for a napkin if he does make a mess or get something on his hands (although he would be perfectly happy leaving the mess).

Plays well with all of his friends! He and Carter do a lot of pretend play with someone being a lion or bear that the other has to run from :)

He has gotten very cuddly and will ask for a kiss or hug quite a few times a day. He is so darn cute I can hardly stand it.

We're just having so much fun with both of them right now. Our house is loud and crazy most of the day, but fun.


GG said...

Ah yes - a house full of love.

J said...

Sounds like a mini Odd Couple.