Friday, March 2, 2012

Back to the grind

Chris and I just got back from the best 2-day vacation of our lives! We kept looking at each other, almost giggling, and saying "this is even better than our honeymoon!"

If I were being honest, I'd share that it was likely his best vacation because I finally chilled the heck out. I'm the type of person that needs to know what we are doing every minute of every day, even on vacation. I'm annoying. Yes, even on our honeymoon almost 4 years ago, I needed a plan.

This trip was different. I was able to just lay in the sun, reading a book, falling half asleep, and reading some more. I wasn't thinking whether or not it was near nap time or if the boys were getting hungry. I didn't have a care in the world. Thus, my best vacation and in turn, Chris' best vacation.

It was his annual business trip to Cabo and I've never attended. First, I had a newborn. Then, I had a barely one year old... What fun it going on vacation if you have to be in a hotel room for nap time? More importantly, what would I do if he got hurt or sick in MEXICO? I've been to some scary hospitals in other countries in my lifetime.. Then, last year, I went to meet Coen for the first time :) So this was the year! I met Chris at the end of the trip and he took off 2 days from work (Shocking, I know).

The boys went to Grandma and Papa's house and had a blast. They hardly said good-bye to me they were so excited about being there. (You won't see Coen in photos on the farm - he is terrified of all animals.)

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GG said...

What a treat for Carter.