Friday, March 23, 2012

Riding in my swagger waggon

Maybe you remember me saying once upon a time that a certain commercial ALMOST had me wanting a minivan.

Almost. Not quite. We looked at minivans before Coen came home and decided it simply was not necessary to make the switch. Fast forward to 6 1/2 months of being a mom to two.

Some common dilemmas that I face:

#1 There is no room between the boys and the front seats. Coen is constantly pushing/kicking my seat.

#2 Although Carter can get into the car, into his seat and put his straps on, he cannot open his door to get in and do these things. So when it rains, as it likes to do in the Northwest, I have to get one kid in and then run to the other side and get the other in. I'm soaked by the time I get in the car.

#3 Washington has a law against driving and talking on your phone without some sort of hands-free device.. I don't have one.

#4 You known when you park and come back to your car to find some jerk has parked TOO close for you to open your door very wide? Um yeah. It really sucks when you have to get a kid in the car and into their car seat. Since I have 2 kids, I kinda need access to both sides of the car.

So, we revisited the minivan. While I do like the "swagger wagon" we decided that the Honda Odyssey was the way to go. We don't like the new body style so, we found an awesome 2010 that I'm in love with. It has bluetooth so I take care of dilemma #3. The doors slide open with the push of a button on my key fob solving dilemma #2 and #4 and the space between the back and front seats is GREAT!

There is a final reason we just had to have the minivan and why we went with the 2010 Odyssey. Prior to 2011, the Odyssey had this awesome option where you can remove the tiny middle seat of the middle row and push the two captains chairs together! This allows for plenty of room to get to the third row without having to squeeze between the captains seats. This will come in handy as Carter has to get into the 3rd row to make room for his new sister or brother ;)

Yep. We'll be busting this little baby out of storage by the end of August.


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The Buxtons said...

Congrats!! That is very exciting!! How fun for Lindsey and you!!

Kosel Family said...

Yay! What happy news!

Whitney said...

The swagger waggon video is too funny! Congratulations on the new baby!