Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carter says

One night as we were reading a bedtime story, Carter mentioned that Coen was "brown" and he was "yellow" like mommy and daddy. "Ok," I said. "What color do you think this baby will be?" and I pointed to my belly.

"Hmm... Brown like Coen. No, blue! or RED! Yeah, RED! We don't have a red person yet!!"

I wish I could have video taped the excitement he had at the thought of having a red family member.

It cracks me up to see how his little mind works. On one hand, he sees that Coen is a different color. On the other, he will point to a light skinned person with red curly hair and say that the person looks like Coen. When I ask why, he tells me because they have curly hair. I love seeing life through their eyes.

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A Cottage Industry said...

Oh, if only we could all see life through a child's eyes!
Gramma Cupcake