Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer for a few days...

We've had weird summers up here the past 3 years or so. Basically, we don't get a summer until July, but this year, we have a nice little preview for about a week. It was sooooo hot that Chris got the pool out of for the boys. For some reason it seemed that as soon as I opened the back door, both boys would be naked, as if they HAD to be naked to play in the back yard. Even when I told them to keep on their undies, I would turn around and POOF, naked.

Not sure if this is a boy thing or a Roberts-boy thing..

Poor Carter looks ridiculously skinny. It's a bad photo, really, but he also isn't a big eater. We've tried bribery, making foods we know he likes and telling him Coen is going to out-grow him. Not much working. He just seems to get full fast at mealtime. Right now I've given in to offering snacks all day long in hopes of getting SOME food in him and he does seem to like Pediasure :)

Some times I think Carter is a really an 80 year old in a 3 year old's body.. He set this seat up with footrest all best himself. He likes to be "comfy".

There other favorite thing to do outside? Pee on a tree. Yep. Ever since Carter learned he could do this on a camping trip, he takes every opportunity to pee outside. Little "me too" wasn't far behind. This little stinker will actually go over to the tree fully clothed and pull his pants and diaper down to pee - all on his own. Tell me he isn't potty-trained. He just CHOOSES not to go to the toilet. He clearly knows when he needs to go and can even do it on his own.

If his stubbornness isn't enough like me, he also decided this past week that he does not like milk. Period. Exactly what I did when I was about 3. No rhyme or reason. Just won't touch it now. Well, I guess at least he is the cutest version of karma I could hope for...  

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A Cottage Industry said...

Ohmygosh! Decided no milk!! That cracks me up!
Gramma Cupcake