Friday, May 18, 2012

My poor babies..

Coen has started coughing the past few days and it got much worse at bed time last night and this morning so, I called the doctor. The gatekeeper (A.K.A. advice nurse) wanted me to just give him some honey, but  it just seemed too weird to me that he would have a cough and no other symptoms and.. it's getting worse. What else did I need to get in to a doctor? So, she let me make an appointment and an hour later the doctor was saying she was concerned it might be Pertussis. Apparently there has been a bit of an outbreak up here and in viewing his chart, his first vaccination for it was in Ghana so, we really don't know how well we can trust it.

We were sent off for a quick test, but were given antibiotics to get started on right away since the test will take 2-3 days. After his long-term bronchitis he had up until he came home, his poor little lungs have just been through too much.

Now Carter..

He has been a loud breather/snorer since birth, but it was about 6 months ago that we really noticed that his breathing issues were a daily occurrence and not just a winter cold. Dr. V. wanted to just watch it for a while. Well, a while went by and I took him back in. We decided it definitely wasn't allergies or a cold and it turns out he has large tonsils so, off to the ENT...

ENT says that he needs his adenoids removed and his tonsils take up 2/3s of his throat so, they really should come out as well. The sooner the better as apparently recovery is much better the younger you are and all the mouth-breathing he is doing will likely cause teeth issues down the road.

I know it's a routine procedure, but it scares me half to death to think of my tiny little man going into surgery. We have a few more weeks until the big day.

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GG said...

Poor Coen. Hope he's a lot better today.

Maybe this is the reason Carter doesn't have a big appetite.